The right building selection is a factor of budget, space and purpose. BuildWorks will be able to assist you with guidance on those factors, and (especially important) provide preliminary budget pricing to allow your to determine the financial viability of the proposed project, before engaging in too much planning and design work.
The final design for your building will be based on consideration of many interrelated factors, including physical space requirements (floor area, building height) and building use; site constraints, engineering and building codes, and of course, budget constraints. BuildWorks will guide you through the process of planning, design, engineering, and construction, so that the successfully completed facility will fully meet your needs and expectations.


The right size fabric covered building is a factor of budget, space and personal needs. BuildWorks will be able to assist you with guiding you on those factors, and (particularly important) provide preliminary budget pricing to allow your to determine the financial viability of the proposed project, before engaging in too much planning and design work.

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The location and siting of the MegaDome affects the design and cost of construction. BuildWorks can assist you in determining the best method for a particular project. A proper foundation constructed of concrete, pre-cast Lock-Blocks, or preservative treated timbers, is required to support and to anchor the structure. The soil bearing capacity should be also be verified, as it will affect the type and size of foundation to be constructed. Ready access to ready-mixed concrete or to the supply of Lock-Blocks should be considered. Lock-blocks offer the added benefit of portability.

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MegaDomes are covered with ultra-durable POWERSHIELD® 12 oz/sq.yd  woven polyethylene fabric.  Some of the colors offered are translucent membranes – which let in natural daylight; are cooler in summer time, and which reduce energy costs. Other colors, featuring a black intermediate layer, are opaque. The interior color of all membranes is white.



The manufacturer warranties the performance of the fabric covering as follows:  100% replacement warranty for the first 2 years; and thereafter up to 15 years in total on a pro-rated basis. Refer to the table above for the specific warranty that applies to different colors and products.

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Your MegaDome can be designed or fitted with many options to suit your specific needs, including overhead doors, man-doors, ventilation louvers or mesh, and roof top ventilation – stationary or electrically operated.

Warehouse (or bay-) doors are generally installed on gable ends, although side-wall installations are of course possible too. Many different door types may be accommodated, such as sectional steel overhead doors, roll-up vinyl doors, and wide-span doors.

MegaDomes® can also be designed to accommodate various type of lighting fixtures, fire suppression systems and heater installations.


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Corrosion Protection

MegaDomes offer excellent resistance to corrosion. As a standard for effective general corrosion protection, low temperature silicone-bronze welding in conjunction with pre-galvanized steel is employed in the manufacturing of the MegaDomes® arch-frames.

For superior protection in corrosive environments MegaDome offers hot-dip galvanizing with a 4 mil. thick zinc coating applied after fabrication and welding.  This provides a life expectancy of 50 years, in general use; and 25 years in industrial use. In corrosive environments, we highly recommend a hot dip galvanization process, which is applied after welding, to offer complete protection. Since the finished components are completely immersed in a zinc solution, the treatment covers all surfaces, inside and out. Optional stainless steel hardware is also available to ensure maximum corrosion protection.

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